Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Aja Aja Hwaiting !!


Actually what i want to post is not real from me...it's just a things that i suddenly read and feel like to share... =) It's from one cute blogger... ^^  When i read this text, it really touch my deep heart... because it's like representatives my feeling right now.. =').. This text it's really showed what I'm feel before this until now.. Just read and feels =)

" I'm that kind of girl who smiles even though i'm hurting inside. I never ask for help, I take care of my own problem. I'm insecure, and i hate everything about myself. I look in the mirror everyday and hate what i see. I cry myself to sleep because I want someone I can't have. I'm always out with my friends, trying to forget him, but whenever I'm home he's really all i think about. I never tell anyone how i feel, unless i really trust them. And sometimes it feels like I can't trust anyone. Sometimes it feels like I'm all alone, and no one really cares. But no matter how bad I'm feeling, I never give up. "

That's true !! I can't give up if just cannot forget over him... I must continue my life with a wonderful life... Just take this prob a test or challenge for me... That is it.. =) 
Dieya, aja aja hwaiting !!!

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